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The Health Benefits of Green Tea


*+-Green Tea has a wide variety of health benefits to those who wish to drink it.
For one, it’s loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, of which have various powerful effects
on your body. read more…

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Enter to win a copy of the book SuperFood Juices


*+-Enter to win a copy of SuperFood Juices by Julie Morris hosted by

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11 must foods to eat while pregnant 


*+-A list of foods that offer optimal nutrition while pregnant.

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Product Review and Giveaway: Name Tag Stickers


*+-I recently received some name tag stickers to try out that I was able to personalize with my child’s name. These stickers are used to label your children products so if they lose them they can be returned to them. They offer several different sizes, styles and personalizations. They can be used on almost anything like clothing,water bottles, backpacks, shoes, sunglasses etc….
Even though school is ending for the year these stickers come in handy for sports camps and summer camps. read more….

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Child Abduction- A Social Experiment


*+-This is an eye opening video showing how easy it could be for a person to kidnap a child from a public place even with a lot of people around. I know we have all told our kids over and over not to go with strangers but as you will see in this video it may not be enough. This is a good video to also show your kids

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Kids Craft- How To Make A Wallet From A Juice Carton


*+-This is such a cute idea for kids and easy to make. click for instructions

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Make Your Own Natural Sunscreen

sunscreen recipe

*+-There are a lot of sunscreens at the store to choose from but most of them are filled with harmful chemical that you really shouldn’t put on your skin. I found a natural sunscreen that you can make yourself and is good for your skin. read more..

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Product Review: Siddha Cell salts + flower essences for kids


*+-I was sent bottles of different sprays of the Siddha cell salts + flower essences to try out for different childhood complaints. They sent me ones for Attention and Focus, Temper Tamer, Sooth and Sleep and Stress Relief. I was especially eager to try out the sooth and sleep because both my kids have a hard time going to sleep at night. They are completely natural and they work immediately. read more..

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Heidi Klum Unique Easter Crafts for Kids Video



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Giveaway: Win the new Dvd set The Flintstones and WWE: Stone Age Smackdown


*+-Enter our giveaway to win the new Dvd set The Flintstones and WWE: Stone Age Smackdown
Check out the app and take the quiz to find out what Flintstone or WWe Smackdown star you are.
• Download the fun activities – and do them together as a family while you watch the film at home.
• Watch the official trailer
This new video is an entertaining cartoon that kids of all ages will enjoy. Who doesn’t love the Flintstones?!? If you have a child that is a WWE fan then this video is one they will love too.

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