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How to Easily Decorate Your Home for Thanksgiving W/ Free Printables

Thanksgiving stickers

There are not so many days left until Thanksgiving and, although many of you have already started preparing for Christmas, it wouldn’t be fair not to give the Turkey Day a proper welcome it deserves. Nurturing a thankful heart is something people should strive towards all the time, but it’s always good to have Thanksgiving as a wild card and a second chance to express love and gratitude, if you don’t get the chance to do it as often as you’d like throughout the year.

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Is Manuka Honey Worth The Hype?


My kids and I have been using different types of honey for years and a few years back discovered Manuka honey. I was first told about it when a friend got a third degree burn and she put Manuka honey over the burn instead of any other ointment. She was told she would need a skin graph and after a little over a month of the Manuka honey she didn’t need the skin graph. The doctor asked her what she used and she told him the Manuka honey and he just looked at her kind of strange. Either way it worked.
My daughter loves it but I have heard different stories out there that most of the Manuka honey you buy at the store is fake or very low quality. I have looked into to different brands and have been sticking to the same one now that we believe to be a high quality. I have put a link at the bottom of the article so if you want to try it out you can purchase it through Amazon. I have found its great for stomach aches in children read more….

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Product Review: Maty’s Health Products- Organic Cough Syrup and All Natural Vapor Rub


I was recently sent a bottle of Maty’s Cough syrup and their all natural petroleum free Vapor Rub. I ll tell about each one.
The Vaper Rub is great to have around your home all winter to relieve congestion in your children especially at night. I used this before and loved it. It really helped with the congestion and helped my kids breath better at night. read more….

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Lavender oil for personal use, for children and for cleaning


When my kids were babies I discovered how well lavender oil helps children sleep. A particular company made a lavender scented bubble bath and right away it seemed to make my life easier by helping my children fall asleep easier. I didn’t realize at the time all the chemicals that were in the bubble bath but now there is a healthier way to get the same affect. Using a drop or 2 in your kids bath at night will help them fall asleep faster and easier at night. I have listed many different ways lavender can be used for health and around the house. Let me know if there is something else you use it for that I may have missed. read more….

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How To Make Lavender Lotion Bars In The Crockpot


I made these lotion bars recently and this is actually the easiest thing to make. You can use almost any essential oil to scent it but I used lavender because I found it seems to be a universal scent that anyone likes. I would stay away from any citrus oils because of the problem with being out in the sun after applying it on your skin. It can cause a burn or rash on your skin. Anyway, this recipe calls for shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter and beeswax click for recipe….

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How To Make Melting Shower Tablets For Colds


It’s that time of year again that you may need to keep these around to fight off congestion. I tried out this recipe recently to make homemade vapor shower tablets for the shower and it worked pretty well. These are similar to the kind you can buy at the store but natural.They are easy to make and cost a lot less than the store brands.You can use any type of mold to form them or you can just form them with your hands. They are nice to keep in a glass jar in the bathroom and use them as needed throughout the winter.
click for recipe…

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Products Review: B & N Laundry Detergents


I was recently sent 3 different scented goats milk soap laundry detergent to try out along with a soap stain stick and Wool Dryer Balls from B & N Laundry. I am always interested in trying out any natural cleaning product especial from a small company. I would rather purchase from a smaller company than a big brand as long as the product is good. I was sent 3 naturally scented laundry detergents in lemon, eucalyptus and lavender scents. Read more….

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Lunch Idea: Lunch Box Frozen Smoothie


This is a easy and healthy food to add to your child’s lunch with a protein. What child wouldn’t want this in their lunch. read more…

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How to Help Prevent Seasonal Depression in Children


Seasonal depression, also known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), is a type of depression caused by seasonal changes, mostly during the winter. SAD usually starts and ends at the same time of the year and has a recurring pattern. Children are most likely to suffer from SAD as compared to adults. Just like any other form of depression, SAD can exist as severe, mild or anywhere in between.
SAD causes children to feel sad and isolated. Some of the symptoms of SAD are decreased energy levels, having trouble concentrating and frequent mood swings. If you have noticed your child’s behavior drastically changes in the fall but perks up during springtime, it is possible your child is suffering from SAD. Luckily, there are a number of ways to prevent seasonal depression in children. Some are as follows:….read more

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Why Iodine Is Important For Health

Sea salt in a  wooden bowl

Iodine is an extremely underrated and under reported nutrient that is vital for all aspects of health. Insufficiency of iodine can result in many minor as well as serious ailments. This element is required by the endocrine system that makes various hormones, all of which are essential for growth, development and metabolism. read more…..

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