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Using Homeopathy Remedies For Your Family


It’s back to school season, which means back to school jitters for both parents and students and increased spreading of germs and illness. We know you want your child to be as confident and healthy as possible, so that he or she is equipped to learn and flourish in school.

That’s why you and your family could greatly benefit from learning about an alternative to conventional medicines, which often have negative side effects, to treat common childhood illnesses like colds, ear infections, and sore throats, as well as chronic conditions like asthma, anxiety, and depression.

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Video review of the children’s book: The Guardian Princess Inaugural Trilogy


Watch to see a video review from a child about the hardcover book The Guardian Princess Inaugural Trilogy.

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Children’s Book Review- Miss Bonita and Friends present series. Video review


Video review of the book: The case of the ballerina and her missing best friend from the book series Miss Bonita and Friends present by Lisa Lallouz

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Pregnancy Myths


Does walking really bring on labor or should you avoid spicy foods and sushi? Click to find out…

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Michigan Dept Of Agriculture Forces Farmer To Dump 248 Gallons Of Organic Milk And Break 1200 Free Range Eggs


While Americans in the nearby city of Detroit face life in third world conditions, unable to even afford running water, the state of Michigan decided to direct its resources towards cracking down on a small food co-op in Standish for having the utter audacity to provide milk, butter, cream and eggs to people who bought shares in the organic dairy.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture must be so proud of their deeds, after they forced Joe and Brenda Golimbieski, the owners of Hill High Dairy and Jenny Samuelson, the owner of My Family Co-op, to dump out 248 gallons of milk, to break 100 dozen eggs, and to destroy an undisclosed amount of fresh cream, butter and cheese.
read more….

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Book Review & Giveaway : The Adventures of Ai


Adventures of Ai  is an upcoming children’s eBook written by New York Times bestselling author, Craig Bouchard.  The story is a part non-fiction and part fiction fantasy targeted at girls and boys ages 9-12 for the pressures they will encounter as they grow up, and incorporates subjects like art, history, poetry, music and mathematics. Click To Enter To Win a Copy

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Product Review: Emile Noel Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Founded in 1920, Emile Noël makes over 20 organic virgin vegetable oils including mild olive oil, robust olive oil, sesame oil, roasted sesame oil, sunflower oil, pumpkin seed oil, hazelnut oil, walnut oil, macadamia nut oil, and sweet almond oil.
I was sent a bottle of the organic extra virgin olive oil. I was very impressed with the olive oil. Its a very high quality oil.

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Giveaway: 2 bottles of Yard Gard Eco Kill Insect Spray. 3 Winners


Here is your chance to win 2 bottles of Yard Gard Eco Kill Insect Spray.  To get more info on the product read my review on this great product that keeps bugs away from your garden naturally with no chemicals. 3 winners will be chosen To Enter a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Sale At Target On Natural Cleaning Products Ending June 28th


Seventh generation, Method, Jr Watkins, and Mrs Meyers cleaning and laundry products are included in the sale at Target. click for info…

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App Review: Farfaria Children’s Reading App


My daughter and I were able to try out the Farfaria reading app for children and I want to share what it’s about and how it works. Farfaria is a app you can download on iTunes and then for a 3.99 monthly fee your child can read over 600 books and 5 new books are added each week. It’s a perfect bedtime reading app. I feel reading apps are great for the reluctant reader and also to develop the love for reading. A child who doesn’t like to read is more willing to read a book off a iPad or something similar than an actual book because it catches and keeps their attention. They will love to find a new book to read. The illustrations are high quality and colorful. read more…

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