Keeping Children Healthy Even When Your Schedule Is Hectic

Keeping Children Healthy Even When Your Schedule Is Hectic

When it comes to parenting, it can often like there are a million tasks to take care and not enough hours in the day to make sure they’re all done. One of these tasks is your children’s health, and in between everything else, it’s no wonder that this is one of the things that is left by the wayside. After all, children get enough exercise when they’re running around at school, don’t they? Wrong. No matter how hectic your lifestyle is, it’s up to you to ensure your child’s health is in tip-top condition. Here’s how.



Eating Well

Everything begins in the kitchen, with what your children eat. When you’ve got no time, and everyone needs to be fed, it’s tempting to throw together anything that can be considered ‘food’ and be done with it. But poor health often stems from what we eat, and we should go to extra lengths to ensure that everyone is being fed properly. There are delicious, healthy meals that are cheap and which can be put together in no time at all. Also, make sure you’re giving them healthy snacks rather than chocolate and other sugary substances!

Evening Games

You’re not busy all the time. It’s mostly during the day. In the evenings, you probably have time where you can have a bit of downtime and spend some time with the children. Unfortunately, it’s usually dark outside by that time, so you can’t get active. Or can you? If you invest in a Wii console or something similar that enables the family to have fun and stay active at the same time, you’ll be giving everyone a little extra boost of movement, which can help keep them fit and healthy.

Preventative Measures

It’s not easy when our child falls ill. We might have to take them to the doctor or take time off work to nurse them back to health from home. Neither of these is welcome when you’ve got plenty of other tasks you should be taking care of, so it’s important that you have the right preventative measures in place. For example, make sure all your children know the hygiene practices, such as washing their hands regularly. Using your smartphone or computer to talk with an online Dr can also save a trip to the hospital, without compromising the health of your children. Finally, don’t underestimate daily vitamins: they can make the difference between falling ill and staying healthy.  

Weekend Activities

When it comes to the weekend, try to fit in some family activities. If you can’t spare the time yourself, then find a community sports team for your child to get involved with. They’ll be getting their extra dose of exercise, and you’ll also have some time to yourself to get all the other details taken care of. It’s a win-win!

Setting the Example

Finally, make sure you’re setting a good health example to your children. Children learn all about this stuff intuitively from what they see in their home. If you’re staying healthy, they’ll stay healthy in the long run too!

Keep Cool In Bed This Summer With Air Con Free Hacks

Keep Cool In Bed This Summer With Air Con Free Hacks


Summer is a great time of year. In fact, it’s probably the best what with the prolonged sunlight and sweltering temperatures. But, although a heat wave is a good thing during the day, it isn’t as welcome at night. High temperatures do affect a person’s sleep patterns, not to mention they make it incredibly uncomfortable. The obvious answer is to crank the AC and let the fresh breeze cover every inch of your body. Sadly, this may keep you cool, but it will also decimate your bank balance.

What you need are air con free tips and tricks, and the good news is you can find a selection of them underneath. Just pick the ones which suit your needs and feel the heat instantly dissipate.

Choose Cotton Sheets

Most people don’t know this, but bed sheets affect your body temperature. Quite simply, some are better at conducting and absorbing heat than others. A thick material like wool or goose feathers is going to be hot, so they need replacing. What with? The answer is simple: cotton, sateen or percale. When you find out more about cotton, sateen and percale bed linens, you suddenly realize they are cool materials. Thanks to the manufacturing process, heat doesn’t absorb through them as much. At night, this is a gift from God, especially when the mercury is at boiling point.


Get A Hot Water Bottle

Before you start to object, it isn’t to fill with boiling water. Of course, that would be counterproductive and arbitrary so don’t jump to conclusions! What you are going to do with it is fill it with water and stick it in the freezer. A hot water bottle doesn’t have to be for winter nights only. As long as you get creative, you can flip the switch and turn the tables. Because these bottles can handle extreme temperatures, there is no need to worry about a bit of ice. And, the cold with instantly make you forget about the heat wave when it’s next to you in bed. In fact, you won’t want to move a muscle until the effect wears away.

Lose The Jammies

There is a glaringly obvious reason you feel hot at night, and it’s your pajamas. To begin with, the material might not be one which helps regulate your body temperature. More importantly, wearing needless layers is going to make you feel hot. And, PJs are excessive because there is no better time to feel free than when you go to sleep. A bedroom is a private place, so no one is going to see you in the nude. Anyway, even if someone does it will be a person you trust, like your partner. And, let’s face facts – it won’t the first or the last time. If sleeping completely naked feels wrong, keep the underpants on but lose the rest of the outfit. Seriously, you feel the difference straight away.


Mark Your Territory

Sorry all you lovers out there, but your partner is to blame for your restless nights. Two bodies are warmer than one, especially when they both emit bucket loads of body heat. Moving to a single bed might be a little over the top, particularly if the relationship is long-term. Plus, there is no need to make your partner feel like they are to blame. Thankfully, there is an easy fix. All you have to do is increase the space between you and your lover. With a bigger gap, the heat coming from their body won’t seem as intense so the feeling shouldn’t be as intense. It isn’t good for cuddling, but that is the last thing on the agenda when the weather is so warm.

Get Low

Anyone remember their high school science lessons by any chance? If you do, you will know that heat rises. Although this seemed insignificant at school, it’s a powerful weapon in the war against summer nights. Simply put, all you have to do is lower the bed so that the heat doesn’t rise to your level. By sleeping lower down, the cool air should be more ubiquitous and effective. The trick is to take away all the layers which are purely cosmetic. So, the throw pillows need to go, as do the built up sheets and bulky cover. Oh, and don’t forget the memory foam underneath mattress because that adds a couple of inches.


See, there is no need to blast the air conditioning and spend a fortune. With these tips, it’s possible to stay cool without harming your bank balance.


What’s Your Wardrobe Missing?

What’s Your Wardrobe Missing?

Fashion is something that should be wildly personal. It’s a journey of image and discovery, of putting together the look that you want to represent you. If you stick to conventional guides alone, you’re going to end up with a lot of holes in your wardrobe. But you can find what’s missing with a little bit of detective work. Here, let’s explore what it means to have a complete wardrobe without feeling like you always have to keep working at it.


Build it from the ground up

The best place to start is from the beginning. Rather than hoping for complete outfits from the get-go, you should begin by looking at the staples that aren’t there at the moment. Take everything out from your wardrobe and start purging what you rarely if ever wear. From the rest, start to create matching outfits. There’s a good chance that after a good purge you’re going to be missing big pieces of certain outfits. That’s the best place to start off from. If you can find those staple pieces that fit more than one of the outfits missing a component, then that’s even better.

Find the “you” pieces

It’s not all about completing different outfits, either. Women should have those individual pieces that are always reliable, that always speak to their identity, and set them out from the others. This doesn’t mean that you always have to wear your “you” piece. But when an outfit, when completed, is still feeling like it’s missing something, then a piece of custom jewelry from places like Frost NYC or a staple bag can just add enough difference to your silhouette to finalize it. It’s a great way to develop a style that’s individualistic and undoubtedly “you” without having it dominate every outfit you wear completely. Accessories can help you personalize even the outfits that you might consider your least exploratory or experimental.

What purpose does it have?

It’s not all about personal preference alone, either. You have to be willing to account for what purpose your outfit is going to have. This means taking a bit of a mental exercise in mapping out all the roles you look to fulfill in life. Do you need to find the outfit that makes you look like a consummate professional? The outfit that helps you drop some jaws on a date? The outfit that fits those easy-going summer night gatherings? Think about the purpose of what you choose. Of course, you should make sure that the purpose is likely enough to happen to actually justify buying any components of the outfit as well. Too many times do people buy outfits for occasions that they simply never take part in.

When you have a complete wardrobe, you shouldn’t have to keep working on it. Sure, you might occasionally see something you like, transition it to a new season, or occasionally want an update. But the best finds are those that you could keep going back to. If what you’re looking at doesn’t fit that definition, it might be worth reconsidering.


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An Essential Guide To Healthy Living

An Essential Guide To Healthy Living

You don’t need to wait until the start of another new year to begin your healthy lifestyle. Chances are, you will make a plan, put it in motion for a couple of days, and then, as many of us do, give up.

Forget about yesterday and that cream cake you ate while slouched on your sofa. That day has gone and is not an excuse to wait until the start of next week to begin your healthy living plan. Now is the time to get yourself back into shape. Well, at least wait until you have finished this article! Read on for some helpful advice in putting in motion a healthier way of living.

Go for a health check-up


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Not many of us enjoy going to the doctor or the dentist, but the best place to start in improving your health is taking stock of where you are right now. This is essential, as you don’t want to begin a new fitness regime or diet plan,, without checking on how safe it is for you at the beginning. If your girth is wider than it should be for your age and size, you probably shouldn’t begin a rigorous workout anytime soon, so ask your doctor for advice.

If you have any health concerns at all, don’t delay or Google symptoms to find an answer. Seeking the advice of a medical professional over something ‘trivial’ isn’t a waste of their time or yours, as there may be an underlying issue that needs dealing with.

Consider your lifestyle

It may be that you are living a perfectly acceptable lifestyle, doing the right amount of exercise each day, and eating the right foods at mealtimes. Or, you may be doing the exact opposite. Reaching over for the tv remote control is not going to improve upper body strength, and regular walks to the bathroom are not going to tone your leg muscles. Hey, going to the loo is not the answer to detoxing your body either, so be realistic, have a look at your lifestyle, and find ways to make changes.

For starters, go through your kitchen cupboards and refrigerator and take stock of the food you have bought. Processed foods and microwave meals are not the answer to a healthy mealtime, no matter how inviting the food looks on the packaging. You know the finished product is never quite what you imagine it to be, in taste or looks, so feed it to the dog next door, and restock your kitchen with healthy foods, such as those found here:

If you have any addiction problems, such as smoking or drinking, you already know how bad they can be for you. You can eat ten pieces of fruit a day, but if you are smoking like a chimney on fire, you aren’t going to do your body any favors. Understandably, long-term addictions are hard to give up, so as always, seek medical advice if you know you have a problem.

Form an exercise plan

(image: pexels)

If you have existing health conditions, you should be careful with your plan, as you may be limited in the amount of exercise you should do. Similarly if you are out of touch in keeping fit, and your tracksuit has been shredded by moths, make sure you pace yourself before attempting a marathon. A brisk walk around the block or a slow jog in the park should be enough for starters, taking on short distances before trying anything longer. Each day, go a little further until you are comfortable in your routine, and incorporate some of these:

Exercise does not have to be a chore, so find something you enjoy doing. For example, if you enjoy dancing, join a local dance class where you could find anything from ballroom to belly dancing. Not only will you make new friends, but you will enjoy the health benefits, too.

Many people are put off sport by their experience at school. Maybe you were one of the unlucky few who was always picked last for team games, and you may have had a gym teacher who was better with the put downs than teaching you how to do sit ups! Don’t let poor teaching, or the memory of unkind classmates put you off. There may be a sport you will really enjoy, so have a look online or visit your local sports club and consider signing up for something new.

Sometimes, we can lose motivation when doing something alone, so when possible enlist family and friends to take part in your exercise plan. Having somebody to talk to while out jogging will enhance your experience if you don’t enjoy the silence. An exercise partner will support you through your achievements and milestones, such as losing an extra pound, and you can spur them on as well, especially should either of you feel like giving up.

There are many benefits to exercise, but you can add to these by giving yourself a reward for accomplishing something. You don’t want to go home and crack open a bottle of wine, but you could buy yourself a nice bouquet of flowers, or treat yourself to a healthy fruit smoothie.

Change your diet

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An apple a day may very well keep the doctor away, but it may not be as appealing as a bar of chocolate. It is important for you to change your mindset when it comes to eating, reminding yourself of the benefits you are giving your body.  You should start in the morning, with something like this:, before considering your later mealtimes.

Don’t give into temptation, but remove anything from your house that is going to cause you problems.  A bowl of fruit on the table will give you added incentive to eat from it when you don’t have a secret stash of chocolate hidden at the top of the cupboard.

While you don’t need to feel guilty for eating the occasional piece of junk food, you should only allow them as an occasional treat. As with any addiction, when you pick something up that you haven’t touched in awhile, you are going to slip back into bad habits more quickly.

You may find it beneficial to join a cookery class, or watch cooking videos online, to give you a few tips in the kitchen. Have a look at the following:


A good, healthy meal containing the nutrients you need, will be more satisfying if you have cooked it yourself. Admittedly, your first few attempts may go horribly wrong, but don’t give up, as practice does make perfect.

Caring for your mental health

Life is stressful, and it can’t always be avoidable. If you have implemented a healthy lifestyle in your eating and exercise habits, you are on the way to alleviating it, and creating a healthy mind as well as body. However, there are other ways to help you deal with your stress or low moods.

Massage therapy is a good way to relax while caring for your aches and pains. Cupping therapy can be an effective form of massage, the details of which can be found on this website:

Meditation is also effective, and learning a few breathing exercises will help you cope the next time a stressful situation comes along.

Above all, make sure you find time to rest each day. A good night’s sleep is vital for renewing your body and mind, and if you have kept to your exercise routine, you deserve a good night’s sleep!







Adding A Touch Of Nature To Your Garden

Adding A Touch Of Nature To Your Garden

You might have already looked at ways to make your garden more pet-friendly. After all, there is nothing better than spending some time outside with your pooch. But what about other nature? After all, if your garden is brimming with beautiful wildlife, it will definitely up it in the style stakes. And it can make your yard more attractive to friends and family. However, a lot of people don’t know how to add more to their garden. Therefore, here are some tips for adding a touch of nature to your garden.

Go for a cute bird bath and house

Birds are great to add to your garden. After all, people love watching them flying around in your yard. And it adds some pretty wildlife magic to your garden. But it can be hard to attract birds into your garden. Therefore, if you do want them to be a regular visitor, you might want to set up a bird bath. It can give them somewhere to stop and rest, and cool off if it’s a hot day. You can get some beautiful bird baths which will add some character to your garden. Therefore, hunt for one at your local nursery that ticks all the boxes.  And as it says on, you should also look into adding a bird feeder to the garden. It gives you a chance to put some food down for the birds. And they are bound to stop and make home in your garden if there is a birdhouse for them to visit. Therefore, you will soon have a garden brimming with beautiful birds.

Look into adding a pond

You might also want to add some marine life to your garden. After all, fish will bring so much appeal to your garden. Guests will flock straight away to look at the beautiful fish. And they will be a talking point. Therefore, you will need to consider getting a pond. There are so many different designs which will look beautiful in your garden. You might want to go for a small corner pond which will be an attractive feature in the yard. Or you could go for a larger pond which makes a statement. Before you add the fish, you need to get a good filter and pump which you can get from sites like After all, this will keep the fishes healthy in the garden. And then you can let the relaxing feature work it’s magic!

Opt for some butterfly-friendly plants

If there is one insect we actually like, it has to be butterflies. After all, they are beautiful to look at when they are flying around. And unlike other insects, they will do you no harm. So you can watch them for ages to appreciate their beauty. And they can also make the garden look more appealing which is a bonus. To ensure they come to your yard, you might want to opt for some butterfly-friendly plants. For example, opt for a buddleia which is often known as a butterfly bush. And with one of these, you can ensure they are a firm fixture in the garden.

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And if you offer shade and sanctuary in the garden, you are bound to get cute animals like hedgehogs soon flocking to the yard.