Shaking Things Up: How Much Salt Does Our Body Need?

Shaking Things Up: How Much Salt Does Our Body Need?

We only get one body, and it is important to care for it as best as we can. If you are eating a healthy, organic diet, and exercising regularly, then you are off to a great start. There can be conflicting information about what is best for you. But the majority of things are obvious. We know that we should be having things as natural as possible. Everything that we take in our body or put on our skin goes into our bodies.


One thing that can be a little controversial, though, is how much salt that you should have in your diet. Some people refuse to cook with salt, whereas others will use it on lots of different things. So what is the truth? Do we really need salt in our diet? The answer is that we do need it. We need to just be careful about how much we have of it, though. First of all, salt helps to control the balance of fluid in our bodies. That is vital to life! Salt can also control the way our muscles and nerves work in the body. Too much salt can be damaging, though. Our bodies are amazing things, however. They can help us to regulate how much salt we need in our body. If we have too much, we will feel thirsty. Then we will drink water to counteract it. The excess will be filtered through our kidneys then. Our bodies can do amazing things to heal ourselves!
So do we need to cook with it, or is there plenty of salt in everything we already have? This will completely depend on your current diet. There will be a lot of salt in processed foods. So the best way to be in control of what you are eating is to cut down on processed foods. Then you can be more informed about how much salt you are having.




One other way that salt is used in our diets is through the water that we consume. If you live in a hard water area, then there will be more amounts of things like magnesium and calcium in the water. As a result, you might be using a water softener to help replace these metals with sodium (or salt). In particularly hard water areas, it will mean that more sodium is needed to combat the effects of the metals. For most adults, this wouldn’t be an issue. Providing that you have a pretty healthy diet. So if you think you might need a water softener, you should certainly look into it. Then you can find the best water softener for your price range and needs.


If you have a concern about how much salt is in even the softened water, then there are other options. You could use a water filter, for example. You could also just soften only the hot water in the home. Then if it is being used in cooking and being boiled, it will become more purified.




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Short On Time? Tips And Tricks To Creating A Perfect Outside Space

Short On Time? Tips And Tricks To Creating A Perfect Outside Space

Although summer is leaving us and we are entering into Autumn, there is still plenty of time to make use of our outside spaces. Even if it is just getting it ready for the winter months. With busy schedules and routines, it’s easy to see why are gardens, and outdoor areas can be the last thought on our priority list. Which is why I thought I would share with you some tips and tricks for creating a perfect outside space. So if you are time poor, then they should help you make more use of your garden.


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Have a well maintained lawned area

Let’s face it; the lawn is a huge surface area. So if it looks drab or is getting too long, it can let your whole garden down. This is why it’s important to take care of the bigger jobs. Meaning if that is all you have time for, your garden will still look presentable and will be user friendly. You may want to consider mowing the lawn regularly to avoid it becoming a big job. Or you could consider services from places like oc lawn wizards lawn care who will take care of the job for you. A well looked after lawn can give your garden the wow factor with very little effort or time from you.

Plant low maintenance flowers and shrubs

If you are not particularly green fingered then it may be hard to motivate yourself to plant some flowers. But, planting shrubs and flowers that are low maintenance can make your garden feel more designed. Without anymore effort from yourself. It can also help you feel much better if you enter your garden, and there is a sudden glow of colour. Why not get the children involved in the planting experience? It could be an activity that helps keep them occupied while learning some new skills.

Keep your garden organised and add storage options

It’s inevitable that your garden will be cluttered with furniture, tools and even children’s toys. So having somewhere to put all these at the end of the day will keep your garden looking maintained and tidy. A garden shed or storage box are excellent options.


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A decked or patio area can make a huge difference

If you want to use your garden or outside space more, then you need to create easy ways to do it. This will encourage you to utilise the space better. A decked or patio area is just one of the ways you can do that. It provides a great area to enjoy a drink or read a book. You could even use the space for cooking on a BBQ and enjoying food al fresco. While the air is still warm, you could take full advantage of the dry days.

Make more use of pots to create a designed look

Finally, if you are short on space as well as time then placing a few pots around can give your garden a designed feel. What is even better is that some garden centres or stores will have pots ready done with flowers. So all you need to do is get them home and strategically placed.

I hope this has inspired you to make more use of your garden space.


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Homemade Pizza Bites Made In a Cupcake Maker

Homemade Pizza Bites Made In a Cupcake Maker

This is a good recipe for kids for an after school snack and perfect when you don’t want the kids to turn on the stove or oven.  I found that a cupcake maker can be used to make all sort of different things. I have made eggs in them and the kids loved them.  They come out shaped like little muffins and are easy to hold and eat.  That recipe is here.  Anyway, I was thinking that with some fresh dough that it would be pretty easy to make little pizza bites that also are easy to hold and eat. 

I bought some fresh pizza dough from my local grocer that makes it fresh every day and some shredded mozzarella and pizza sauce. First  spray or butter the cupcake maker on the top and bottom.  Then pull a piece of dough off and smash it down flat in each cupcake spot. Put a small amount of sauce and mozzarella cheese on each piece of dough and shut the top for about 4 minutes. When you see the bottom get brown then they are done.  Most kids are that picky about their pizza so it doesn’t have to look perfect.  Below are pictures of how mine turned out.

Before baking                                                                                                                                                 <