Practical Gifts Using a Baby Hamper

Practical Gifts Using a Baby Hamper

Practical Gifts Using a Baby Hamper

A new baby is a massive experience in anyone’s life, even when they have already experienced kids. Giving a baby hamper as a gift is an excellent way to help the new parents out with loads of practical gifts that they will be able to use. If you need some inspiration to decide what to include in your hamper, check out for some practical ideas. There are lots of different things that you can include in your basket that the proud new parents will very much appreciate.

Never Too Many Nappies

For the foreseeable future, the new parents will have to buy nappies for their child until they are old enough to be potty trained. As a result, nappies are a gift that you can never have too many. If you are buying your gift before the baby is born and do not know how big they are it is best to get bigger nappies that they can grow into, rather than buy something that is too small.

Lots and Lots of Clothes

Clothes are also something else that the new bundle of joy will go through very quickly. As fast as they grow into something, they soon grow out of it as well, sometimes only being able to wear something for a couple of months. You can never have too many sets of clothes for young babies, as they will go through quite a few sets of clothes a day, especially when “accidents” happen.

Memorable Gifts

There are many different items available in this category, and it all depends on what your preference is. You can buy them a book which helps to record the first year of the life of the baby and parents. A gift of this sort is useful for people that live a hectic life, and will help them to record all of the special memories that come in the first year.

Pre-Prepared Gift Baskets

If you also lead a hectic lifestyle, you may wish to purchase a baby hamper that is already prepared so all that you need to do is to write a card. Many companies are offering this sort of service all over Australia, just like when you buy adorable baby hampers in Melbourne at Baby Gift Box. Many companies will also allow you to customise your gift box and personalise it for the family you are giving it to as a gift. You may also find that as these companies have extensive experience in this field, that they will include items in the hamper that you would not have thought about to include.

You can have some fun when giving this kind of present and you may wish to include something that will hopefully spend a lot of time in the child’s life, such as a toy or stuffed animal. Above all, it is important to ensure that the gifts are also practical and will get plenty of use. Gift hampers are an excellent way of showing your support and encouragement, especially for first-time parents, and it also shows them how much you care!


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Product Review: JJ Rabbit Training Cups and Dip Plate

Product Review: JJ Rabbit Training Cups and Dip Plate

JJ Rabbit makes the cutest training cups for kids that have transitioned from a bottle.  The cups have a little hidden animal at the bottom of the inside of the cup. Your child will love to drink out of the this cup more than any other because of the hidden animal and how easy it is to hold the cup.  The plates are also cute and have a little dipping area.

The products are:

• Made from Plants

• 100% Biodegradable

• BpA Free, Phthalate free, and PVC Free

• Dishwasher safe

CUPPIES® are fun to use, easy to clean. Simply throw them on the top rack of the dishwasher or soak them in baby-safe detergent plus water, and they’ll be ready to use again in no time. Not recommended for microwave. Advised to use with liquids below 194?F / 90?C.

They are great gifts and easy to travel with.




Product Review:  Nature’s Baby Organics Body and Hair Products

Product Review: Nature’s Baby Organics Body and Hair Products

I was recently sent a mixture of several different products from the company Nature’s Baby Organics to try out. I was already familiar with the line because I used the detangling lotion on my daughters hair before. They are really nice products and come in perfect sizes. I loved the leave in conditioner/detangler. It has a really nice refreshing scent and works really well for curly hair that is hard to brush. I was also sent the calming spray that I used to spray my kids sheets and clothing. It is a lavender scent that is relaxing. I have always like to use calming sprays and was eager to try out Nature’s Baby Organics calming spray. Its a great thing to use on anything including car seats. I am definitely going to buy more of this spray. I also really liked the bubble bath. A small amount goes a long way. The Face and body moisturizer is also really nice, They have different scents available for different products. For example there is lavender/chamomile and mandarin/coconut in the baby oil and there is a fragrance free in several products including the diaper area products. There is a vanilla/tangerine available in the all purpose deodorizer spray. I loved the vanilla/tangerine scent. Its a nice sweet scent.

They offer 2 different lines. The line I tried out with the yellow bottles are made using 70% organic ingredients. Their NSF line is certified to the NSF/ANSI 305 Standard for Personal Care Products Containing Organic Ingredients – See more at:
I think anyone with small children would love these products. They are great for every day use and travel and makes a great baby shower gift.

Like them on Facebook Now Offers Fashion that Cater to Children with Spectrum Disorders Now Offers Fashion that Cater to Children with Spectrum Disorders

For some children with spectrum disorders, tactile sensitivity can be a particularly difficult symptom. Even the most comfortable clothes can cause the feeling of skin irritation, interrupting the child’s ability to play and enjoy daily activities.

(PRWEB) May 08, 2012

For some children with spectrum disorders, tactile sensitivity can be a particularly difficult symptom. Even the most comfortable clothes can cause the feeling of skin irritation, interrupting the child’s ability to play and enjoy daily activities. specializes in helping these children by providing clothing that can help them be as comfortable as possible. Teres Kids is specifically designed with these needs in mind, providing clothing made completely from organic cotton. Each item is made with comfort as a top priority, with clothing in sizes 18 months to 8 years.

“I know it can be hard to find clothing that is comfortable for some children,” Kathy Marrocco-Mclaughlin, owner of Honeypie Kids, says. “I want to make it easy to find clothing that they will like that still looks presentable and be affordable.”

Children with spectrum disorders have challenges that affect many aspects of their daily lives. Parents of children with clothing sensitivities often find it challenging to find clothing that doesn’t irritate their little one’s skin. The clothing Honeypie Kids sells is sympathetic to this difficulty, incorporating comfort into every detail of the clothing it sells.

In addition to its comfortable, organic materials, this line of clothing also leaves the scratchy tag off, instead pinning it to the garment for easy removal. Scratchy tags are irritating to even those without sensitivities, so this is a welcome omission. Honeypie Kids also points out that there are no inside seams, making the organic cotton feel super soft against the child’s skin. The clothing line is also made exclusively in the U.S.A.

Honeypie Kids also offers belts that children can put on themselves. Myself Belts come with Velcro closures, allowing for easy fastening for children with spectrum disorders and their parents. But this easy fastening doesn’t sacrifice style. Belts are available in a variety of colors and fashionable looks that will add to any outfit. Parents can choose from leather or canvas belts in sizes 2T to 9/10. Myself Belts even sells adult sizes.

Hardtail Forever Kids has a line of comfortable clothing ideal for children looking for comfortable clothing, as well. The good thing about this clothing, also sold by Honeypie Kids, is that these roll-down bootleg pants and jeggings are comfortable for children with sensitivities. The line’s knee-length color skirts also work with many schools’ uniforms. This versatile clothing can be worn to school, parties, or for sports activities. Honeypie Kids sells yoga pants, skinny jeans, and skirts that can be helpful to children with sensitivities.

For children with spectrum disorders, Honeypie Kids offers a great option. Even better, time-challenged parents can shop online, allowing them to dedicate their shopping time to taking care of other activities.

To begin shopping, visit


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