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Giveaway: Win A Frozen Olaf Waffle Maker From

waffle Collage

What child wouldn’t want waffles shaped like Olaf from Frozen. If your children loves Frozen they will love this. Win a Frozen Olaf Waffle maker sponsored from
Just enter here

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Product Review: Lock Med Home Medications Lock Box

ASA 400-2T

I was recently sent a home medication lock box from Lock Med to keep in my house to hold any medication. The box is a sturdy metal box with a combination and a key. It would nearly be impossible for a child to get into it. It’s perfect to travel with also. read more….

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Cognutria Products Giveaway


Enter to win 6 different Cognutria food products
Cognutria makes delicious and nutrient-rich convenient food products that contain the daily requirement for optimal cognitive health.

The winner received a pancake mix, granola and 4 different flavors of their biscotti and scone style foods. All made with the healthiest ingredients to promote health, focus, learning and performance. Great for children and adults that need more focus and have a problem with agitation. No excess sugar and synthetic or artificial ingredients. They only us products that are proven to work.

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Product Review: Sweet Leaf Natural Stevia Sweetener


With chilly autumn nights approaching, it’s time to curl up with your favorite fall drinks, like a pumpkin spice latte or hot peppermint cocoa. SweetLeaf® Liquid Stevia Sweet Drops™ allows everyone to create these seasonal favorites in a better-for-you way with Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint Mocha flavors.
Sweet Drops™ are made with stevia, a natural sweetener created from the leaves of the stevia plant, and absolutely no artificial ingredients. With SweetLeaf Stevia®, consumers can enjoy favorite beverages, desserts and more with no calories, no carbohydrates and no glycemic response.

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Product Review: Freshana Cleaning Products

Mother Sitting With Daughter At Home

I was recently able to try out some cleaning supplies from the Freshana company for my home. I was sent EEZZEE All Purpose Cleaner, AVIVA Laundry Cleaner, AIRIA Air Purifier and MAXAM Industrial Strength Cleaner & Stain Remover. I wasn’t sure how good they were going to work because they are priced really inexpensive. Usually when I purchase a natural and non toxic cleaner they are priced much higher than a regular store brand. These products are really priced right. I have been using the laundry detergent and really like it. I don’t see any issue with it, my clothes are coming out clean just what I would expect from a regular store bought brand. All the other cleaners work well also. I use the All Purpose Cleaner on my countertops and cabinets. Read more….

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Product Review: JJ Rabbit Training Cups and Dip Plate


JJ Rabbit makes the cutest training cups for kids that have transitioned from a bottle. The cups have a little hidden animal at the bottom of the inside of the cup. Your child will love to drink out of the this cup more than any other because of the hidden animal and how easy it is to hold the cup. The plates are also cute and have a little dipping area.
read more…

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Piggy Paint Natural Nail Polish Review & Coupon

piggy paint Collage

I was sent some of the new colors from Piggy Paint recently to try out. I have used Piggy Paint i nthe past and have always loved the quality and how natural the products are. Actually Piggy Paint polish is the only polish I buy because of how natural the products are and how nice the colors are. My daughter and I loved the new colors they sent us, the set is called Show Stopper. Show Stopper are 3 different shades of pinks from a pale pink to a dark pink. We were also sent their new top coat and a blue shade called Bubble Trouble.

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Simple Soap 3 Bar Giveaway

View More:

Here is your chance to win 3 bars of simple Soap bars for you and your family to enjoy. Here is a little information on Simple Soap

” The Simple Soap is made from the finest organic ingredients. We combine natural palm, coconut and olive oils with herbs and essential oils to provide long lasting, fragrant and luxurious feeling soaps. read more….

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Product Review: Mum-Mum Toddler Biscuits


I received several boxes of different flavor toddler Mum-Mum biscuits recently to try out. I received organic strawberry rice biscuits, apple rice biscuits and banana rice biscuits. They are biscuits that a toddler can easily hold that has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. They are low in fat and no trans fats. They are also gluten, lactose, eggs and peanut free. Its an ideal snack for your toddler. Being individually wrapped it makes it perfect to carry with you in your purse. click to read more

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Giveaway: Win a Personalized Pillow Pal


Enter our giveaway to win a PillowPal. A Pillowpal is a pillow that is made to look like one of your children’s drawings. How it works is that you send them a picture of one of your children’s drawings and they will make a pillow to look just like the drawing. Below is a picture of a drawing and how the pillow turned out. Pillows are around 20-24 inches long.
If you would like to get info on ordering your own pillow pal for yourself or a gift visit Enter today it ends Sep 9th!

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