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Homemade Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash


This is a natural wash you can use to wash all your fruits and vegetables. It will save you money making your own then having to keep buying it at the store. I just put it in a spray bottle and as I’m filling up the bowl with water I spray the fruit or vegetables and then let it soak for about 10 minutes. Rinse the fruit or vegetables really good afterward.
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Product Review: Yard Gard Eco Kill Insect Spray


I was sent several bottles of Eco Kill to try out on my garden this year to see if it would help keep the insects away naturally. I tried Eco Kill out because its all natural and non toxic and it’s safe around children and animals. I sprayed my vegetables and herbs with it several times. I also gave a bottle to my mom to use on her garden and she liked that it was all natural and didn’t have a bad smell.

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10 Reasons to Have a Family Vegetable Garden

There are few meals that are as rewarding as one that you’ve prepared featuring produce you’ve grown yourself; as food prices rise and the economy struggles to rebound, it’s also a great way to significantly slash your grocery bill. The benefits of cultivating a vegetable garden are almost endless; here are ten reasons why families might want to consider doing so themselves.

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Winter Gardening: Indoor Organic Gardening Secrets


Not all of us have the space to grow an outdoor garden. Some of us don’t even have outdoor space. This doesn’t mean you have to sit back and not utilize your green thumb. Indoor gardening is a perfect option for those living in the city, an apartment, or other tight quarters. There are various types of plants that you can grow indoors. You can grow pretty much anything you wish including vegetables and herbs. The first step is to select a container and a location to start your indoor garden. read more….

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Dangers of Methyl Iodide Fumigant for Strawberry Production


Methyl iodide is a nasty chemical. It is a known neurotoxin and endocrine disruptor, and scientists in labs handle only small amounts using special protective equipment because it is so toxic. But do you know where else it is used? As a pesticide on strawberries and other food crops.

The battle against methyl iodide is being fought on several fronts.

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America’s Oldest Seed Company Needs Your Help


The D. Landreth Seed Company has been around since 1784 and is billed as America’s oldest seed company. Last week the company announced that their loan has been called in and their accounts had been frozen. So they launched a campaign to raise one million dollars by selling copies of their 2012 heirloom seed catalog to raise the necessary funds in 30 days or they’d have to close forever. What this means for gardeners is a loss of another independent seed seller, one who carries heirloom seed varieties the big seed companies don’t, and the further shrinking of our seed supply.

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When you don’t have enough room for a garden

I had to share this picture I seen today. When you don’t have enough room for a garden there are options. Check out this picture. What a great idea!!

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Eco-Friendly Ways to Get Rid of Garden Pests


Pests are a problem in many gardens and can ruin flower bed and vegetables. When dealing with pests, choose methods that are safe for both plants and humans. Avoid using harsh chemicals as much as possible. Here are some eco-friendly tips to help get rid of pesky garden pests

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Organic elite surrender to Monsanto

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Freezing Herbs

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