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Schools Selling Junk Food to Kids

When I hear of all the junk food that schools are selling to children it infuriates me. Teachers complain about students behavior but meanwhile the school is selling sugar filled junk to the kids

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Packing a school lunch

If your children are anything like mine they are tired of getting the same lunch everyday. My son decided that now after after 5 years of school he does not like turkey. They ask me why they can’t have a lunch like all the other kids so I tell them that I don’t think like the other kids moms. ( It would have to be a cold day in hell before I send my kids to school with wonder bread and bologna) I have been searching around for ideas of different healthy lunches and found these ideas.

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The Problem with Lunchables

I was watching on Friday a little of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. I really like that he talked about Lunchables. It seems that parents use Lunchables as an easy and fast way to feed their kids. I have always had a problem with this products, I think they are just disgusting.

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