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Clothing Sensitivities


I have read several articles recently discussing the risks of chemicals and dyes in clothing. There are children who are very sensitive to certain clothing. You will notice that they are always pulling and tugging at their clothing, tags bother them and even seams. Im not sure if the chemicals in the clothing are the cause or its a mixture of things.
Because clothing is in constant contact with your skin, the chemicals are absorbed into your skin through your pores. They can then enter your liver, kidney, bones, heart and brain.

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Clothing for Children with Tactile Sensitivities


Millions of young children experience tactile sensitivity, a condition that can make regular clothing feel awkward and uncomfortable. For these children, getting dressed can be difficult. Without the right clothes, even normal physical activity can become unpleasant. There is a clothing line that specializes in clothing for these children. It is called Tereskids.

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