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How To Opt Out Of Forced Vaccinations In Any State

How To Opt Out Of Forced Vaccinations In Any State

This is the time of year that parents are expected to bring their child to the doctors and get pumped up with all those vaccinations that the government says is good for you. Well if you know better and want opt out and live in a state where they have certain requirements then you need to watch this video to see how to do it. Most states allow you to just print the waiver off the health department website and sign it. The schools also will give you one if you ask for one.
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Afraid Of Shingles? Be More Afraid Of The Shingles Shot

Most of us have had chicken pox as kids, and even though the “pox” goes away, the virus never does. So if you’re overstressed and your immune system is not as strong as it should be, the chicken pox virus can reemerge as shingles. And it can be…agonizing.

Then, to make it more agonizing…enter Merck.

Its shingles vaccine was given the FDA stamp of approval back in 2006. Lately, it’s being heavily advertised on television. Merck’s ad has run thousands of times featuring everyday people like James, Ruth, Cindie, Dan and others — all telling their shingles horror stories.

If you’ve got Gardasil outrage fatigue, prepare to have your outrage fully revived!

What’s happening in California is so obviously, GLARINGLY wrong that it’s hard to imagine how such a completely ludicrous idea ever got off the ground in the first place.

A few days ago, the California Senate passed a bill (already passed in the CA Assembly) to slightly reword the state Family Code.

This minor change is actually ENORMOUS because it allows children as young as 12 to consent to vaccinations that prevent sexually transmitted diseases without their parents’ approval. In fact, their parents don’t even have to be informed when the vaccines are given!