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Review of Spray Active Vitamin Sprays


I was recently sent several bottles of different vitamin sprays from the company SprayActive.com I was sent the Vitamin D sublingual spray and the Vitamin C with Echinacea. These sprays are great because you can throw one in your purse and spray it anytime. Each spray of the Vitamin D has 1000 IU so you just need a few sprays a day. Perfect for kids, they just need 1 spray and for adults the recommended amount is 2 sprays. (I used 4 sprays) They Vitamin C doses are the same. It really doesn’t get any easier than this. read more…..

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The 10 symptoms of vitamin D deficiency you need to recognize

Taking vitamin D while still young may be good for the body in the long run. Results from a study conducted by the University of Zurich have confirmed that sufficient amounts of vitamin D taken consistently are necessary to maintain bone health.

Many people believe that maintaining healthy eating habits is enough, but only few foods naturally contain significant levels of vitamin D.

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How To Make Sure You Are Getting Enough Vitamin D For Your Best Health


This article was written by Dr Ben Kim He has a website www.drBenKim.com He has a great deal of health information and great products on there. This article explains the importance of getting enough Vitamin D, what are the best sources of Vitamin D and how to get the right levels.

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This “Beauty Mistake” Stops You From Producing Vitamin D


That bronzy sun-kissed look has long been associated with health and beauty. Human beings are sun-loving creatures, which makes sense, since countless generations before us have depended on the sun for its warmth, light and nourishment.

But, since the 1980s, all of the misguided propaganda about the evils of sun exposure have given rise to an incredibly profitable industry built around methods of “safely” achieving that chestnut look. First came self-tanners, followed by any number of lotions and powders, and now a liquid that can be sprayed onto you in a booth.

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Asthma and Vitamin D

This is an article I found on the Mercola website about asthma and Vitamin D. I was interested in it considering my son has asthma. Vitamin D seems to be the most important vitamin to take. Asthmatic children with low blood vitamin D levels may have a greater risk of suffering severe asthma attacks. A […]

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